Why Your Business Needs a CRM


Have you started a new business recently? Or have you successfully run a small or medium sized business for some time now, and you are hoping to improve or even take your business to an entirely new level? There is a term, of which you are likely aware, known as Customer Relationship Management, or CRM.

Now CRM, if you are unaware, can be used to refer to either a sales or service based relationship with customer, but can also be used when referring to business-to-business relationships. To really improve your customer relations (which, in turn increases profits) you need to really understand the big picture behind your interactions with your customers and their satisfaction level. A simple Customer Relationship Management software, like TouchConvert, can help to take stock of what’s really going on with your company and your customers, which is turn will help increase customer satisfaction and, in turn, profits. But here is a more in-depth look at why you should use a CRM software system for your company.

1. Gain Valuable Insight into Your Business

You probably already have some method of tracking your customers, and one of those methods might be spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are decent for when you’re barely getting starting out of your garage, but as you progress, you need a much more reliable way of maintaining your data so that you don’t lose track of your customers. A CRM model can help you to decide which courses of action to take and predict what types of campaigns will be successful based on the largest demographic shopping for your services.

2. Technology Makes it Easy

You probably like to think that you have the greatest memory of anyone you  know. And if you are Sherlock Holmes, you might be right. There’s a 100% chance, however, that you are not Sherlock Holmes, and that you simply cannot retain all relevant customer information. Maybe for a few clients you could manage this task without writing everything down, but at some point, there are simply too many people to track. And, according to one study, human brains simply cannot maintain relationships with more than a hundred or a hundred and fifty people; your brain just cannot process that much information. So a CRM model will take care of the guesswork and automatically sort and file, and predict your clients and business needs for you. 

3. Better Communication Within Your Company

Having a central CRM database will help to alleviate a lot of communication errors. If everyone constantly updates the CRM database, then anyone will be able to access any relevant customer information at any time and stay up to date with what they need to know. This will greatly improve efficiency and productivity in your company.

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