Why You Need a Monthly Newsletter

Why You Need a Monthly Newsletter

Email marketing is a valuable tool for any marketing campaign. In fact, for the last ten years in a row email marketing has generated the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

With email marketing, you can keep in contact with current customers and build your reputation with potential customers. But with 69% of users unsubscribing because they’ve received too many emails and 32% of users unsubscribing due to un-targeted messaging, it can be hard to know how many emails is the right amount.

When marketers were asked how often they should send emails, 35% said two to three emails per month (Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email report), whereas, customer’s say they would prefer a promotional email at least once per month (Marketing Sherpa). Really take the time to consider your industry and your target audience. The number of emails you send just depends on your market.

If we’re following along with Marketing Sherpa’s survey, we suggest sending a monthly newsletter to your customers. What should you include in your newsletter? Anything that will provide your customers with value. One of the things we like to include in our newsletters is monthly blogs. Blogs are created to provide value to your customer – so why not send it directly to them?

Increase the visibility of your blog

Increase visibility to your blog | TouchConvertYour monthly newsletter is a great way to reach out and let people know that a new blog is up on your website. This will drive visitors to your website and help your blog get read. After you put all the work into writing it, you want as many people to read it as possible.

Aside from gaining visibility to your blogs, there are a few other reasons to send out a monthly newsletter:


To keep your brand in front of customers

A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your business in front of your potential customers. Adding something of value is a great way to help them look forward to your emails.

Increase your Social Media Following | TouchConvertTo increase your social media following

In each email, make sure to have links to your social media accounts as well. You can encourage people to share your blog on social media and offer an incentive to do so. This will help you reach even more people.

To increase sales

Your monthly newsletter will bring people to your website. They will then see your products or services and are more likely to buy something or follow through with a contact.

If you're already a customer and want to set up your newsletter, login to TouchConvert today, or if you'd like to sign up start your free 30-day trial today.

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Why You Need a Monthly Newsletter

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we suggest sending a monthly newsletter to your customers. What should you include in your newsletter? Anything that will provide your customers with value.

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