What do my Email Statistics Mean?

Now that you’ve sent an email or drip campaign or two with TouchConvert, you’re ready to interpret the statistics. But what do all these terms mean? Processed, delivered, open, unique open, click, unique click, and bounce – what’s the difference?

For starters, how do I access my email campaign statistics in TouchConvert?

To get over to your email campaign results, you’ll want to login to TouchConvert (if you’re not already –but let’s be real, this thing keeps you logged in for a long time!) (how awesome is that!). In your right-hand panel under Marketing - click on Email Campaigns (or if you need to see stats for a Drip campaign – click on Drip Campaigns). On this page, click on the Campaign you’re looking to gain some insight to. You’ll see a spot that says “Email Status” – underneath there are two tabs “Not Sent” and “Sent”. It looks like this:

Click on the ‘Sent’ tab. This is where all your sent emails go.

Viewing the Statistics of your Campaign

To view the statistics of your email campaign, click on the eyeball. Once you’re on the eyeball you’ll see multiple things:

  • A chart showing you a visual representation of the processed, delivered, opened, unique opened, clicked, and bounced emails. If you hover over each bar in the bar chart, you'll be able to see the specific number represented by that bar. It will look similar to this:

  • A ledger of the names of subscribers who received the emails (which will appear under the chart)
    • If you click on the individual names, within this ledger you will be able to see more detailed information regarding this contact. This includes: when they read the email, if they clicked on any link(s) included in your email, if they clicked on any other page(s) on your website and where they ended on your website.
  • Next to the ledger numbers on how many times the subscriber either read or clicked on your email

So, what does this chart represent? What do all of these terms even mean? Let me break it down for you:

Processed: Requests from your website, application, or mail client via SMTP Relay or the API that SendGrid processed

Delivered: A email that was successfully delivered in an inbox to a recipient.

Clicks: Whenever a recipient clicks one of the Click Tracked links in your email. Your clicks is the total amount of clicks – one recipient could click on your link multiple times.

Unique Clicks: When a recipient clicks on your link from only one computer. This is the unique amount one person clicked on your link.

Opened: is the total number of times your users opened your email. One user can open your email multiple times.

Unique Opens: the number of unique individuals that have opened your emails. This number is unique because it represents the total amount of people who viewed your email.

Bounce: When an email is attempted to be delivered, but the recipient mail server rejects it. A bounce could also be when your IP address has been blacklisted or blocked by an ISP or messaging organization.

We use SendGrid to send out our mail, to learn more about these terms check out their documentation

If you’re still having trouble interpreting your email stats, contact a TouchConvert representative today!

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