Web Analytics are Critical in Achieving Business Goals


Goals. Business goals. You set them. You set efforts in motion to achieve them. But how do you know if you are making progress toward reaching them?

Sure, likes and star ratings are easy to count. But unless your goal is popularity, these measures fall short of giving you the information you need to succeed.

Web analytics paint a different picture. One with depth to its insight. One which informs every level of your digital marketing efforts. One critical to your online presence.

Check it out:

Web Analytics Offer Intel on Your Audience

The mantra, “know your audience”, wears thin for many marketers. Yet, ignoring this sage advice leaves your marketing efforts lacking. Google Analytics and the like provide intel on your target consumers including:

  • Visitor engagement
  • Traffic sources
  • Conversion rates
  • Ideal posting times
  • Routes to your site
  • User Behavior Flows

With web analytics, a full picture of your audience’s online behavior comes into view - much like a Polaroid reveal (with greater clarity).

Quality Content Emerges from Web Analytics

Content continues to reign supreme as a foundational element to digital marketing success. The picture web analytics paints of your audience births ideas for effective keywords and content which reaches and retains your readers.

Plus, you learn where you can venture into new topics without sacrificing the focus of your site or audience interest. In other words, web analytics focus your efforts as you create relevant content. This helps create more content and pages, which means more for search engines to find.

Web Analytics Empower SEO Efforts to Thrive

Getting the attention of search engines can seem a fickle endeavor. After all, the art of developing web content seems subjective. In reality, predictable algorithms underlie what attracts the eye of Google and its cohorts.

Webmaster Tools and SEO reporting optimize your site to stand out to search engines through:

  • Internal linking
  • Image optimization
  • Page titles and H-tags
  • Directory structure
  • Content themes

User Experience is Boosted Through Web Analytics

A difficult to navigate site leaves your audience finding other more user-friendly sites. Web analytics improve the user experience by informing you of visitor behavior on your website.

With this data, you are able to make the changes needed to retain consumers and work toward increased conversions. Giving readers what they are looking for and leading them down the sales funnel becomes easy with a well-designed web interface.

Use it!

All of this valuable intel bolsters your online presence. However, the key is to use it. The great potential of any tool proves useless if it lays on the back shelf.

TouchConvert comes equipped with Google Analytics, SEO Reports, Visitor Tracking and more to keep you in touch with your web analytics. Need help along the way? Sign up for a maintenance package and get guidance along the way so you stay encouraged to improve and act on your analytics.

Get started with web analytics today and begin to achieve your business goals. 

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