The Benefits of Using Drip Campaigns for Customer Education

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Business owners know that one of the most difficult parts of marketing is keeping customers engaged with your product or service. With so many marketing channels open - through social media, online marketing, email, and a plethora of other options - people are getting hit with advertisements from all sides, which can sometimes make them hard to reach. You want to be that business that cuts through the noise and stands out from the crowd - and one way to do this, at least in the minds of your customers, is by drip marketing.

This concept is simple: it involves sending out a series of marketing emails automatically and on a schedule, in a way that is targeted toward getting customers involved in learning about what your business has to offer. Educating your customers helps them feel more personally invested in your business, which leads them not only to buy but also to keep buying over time. To this end, drip marketing can be an incredibly useful tool that gets people engaged while also keeping them informed.

Product Focused Drip Campaigns

Drip marketing campaigns can be product focused or competitive. Product focused campaigns result when, as your customers go through the sales funnel, they seek out more information about your product. These types of campaigns allow you to educate them and anticipate any questions they may be having about your product. You can anticipate these questions by analyzing the steps your former potential customers took during the sales cycle: What questions did they have? What were their hold ups? Where did they get 'stuck,' and suddenly become reluctant to purchase from you? Keep all of this information in mind when you organize your drip marketing campaign, so that you can preemptively answer your customers' concerns and get them excited about getting involved with your company.

Competitive Drip Marketing

Competitive drip marketing, however, helps you show people how your business is different from all the others. A lot of people probably have experience with other products or services in your industry, and these types of campaigns help you differentiate yourself from those products. Find out what people don't like about those products and show how your product or service is different and better. Relate these to your buyer personas and understand what their pains are.

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