Step by Step Guide to Importing your Spreadsheet

How do I import my contacts into TouchConvert from a Spreadsheet?

Importing contacts into TouchConvert doesn’t have to be something you need to lean on a TouchConvert team member for assistance with. Whether you already have your contacts in an organized spreadsheet or all over the place, this article will get you in the right place to import your customers (or potential customers) into our platform.


Quick 2-minute summary:


Preparing and Organizing Your Excel Sheet for Import

  • Organize your data into separate columns (first name, last name, email address, etc.)
  • Add any custom fields you’d like to import into TouchConvert
  • Use the find and replace tool to remove any commas, apostrophes or quotes
  • Save your file as a CSV

Your spreadsheet may look something like this:

Spreadsheet Screenshot | TouchConvert

Notice how all of the contact fields are a header for the column underneath? Be sure to give a header to all of your fields. 

Uploading your file to an Email Campaign

For a New Email Campaign:

From your Dashboard click on Email Campaigns > The Green '+' button > and then under Import a New List click 'Choose File' and search your desktop for the new file.

Importing Contacts to a New Email Campaign | TouchConvert

For Existing Email Campaigns

From your Dashboard, in the right-hand menu click on Email Campaigns. Click on the name of the existing email campaign you wish to add contacts to. In the right-hand panel click on Manage Subscribers > then Import. On the screen a new field will come up that will allow you to 'Choose a File' from your computer.

Importing Contacts to an Existing Campaign | TouchConvert

To Your Contact List

From the Dashboard, in the right-hand panel click on Contacts > then click on Import. A new window will populate and then you choose the file from your computer.

Locate your CSV on your computer. Choose it and click ‘Done’. You’ll then be faced with this data mapping screen:

Please notice. There are three boxes that have a red border around them: First Name, Last Name and Email. 

If you click on “Select first Name” from the dropdown you’ll see something this:

From this menu, you’ll want to match First Name with First Name - Choose First Name for this field. If you’re seeing an actual first name here like “Joe” “Bob” “Alex” or anyone else’s first name in this area – you’re missing the headers on your spreadsheet and will need to go back and add those in.

You’ll continue to map out by selecting the corresponding title to the “Select” title from the dropdown. For example, under “Select Last Name” I’ll choose Last Name, and so on and so forth.

As mentioned above, first name, last name and email are all that are required – so once those have been selected the ‘Done’ button will become green:

Once you click 'Done', a black bar should appear at the top of your browser as a display advising that your contacts were successfully imported.

Do you still have questions on how to import contacts into an email campaign? Still not sure how to import contacts into the CRM? Get in contact with a TouchConvert expert today and we'll be happy to assist you.

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