Simple Strategies for Improving your Email and Drip Campaign Subject Lines

Email and drip campaigns are a great way to generate business for your company. But, they are only effective if they are read by their recipients. It is essential that you push people from recipient to reader and ultimately to customer. Since the first part of any email someone sees is the subject line, that is your best spot to make this conversion. If your subject lines are falling short or your own expectations, follow some of these guidelines for your next campaign.

Use brevity

Be respectful of people’s time. If an email subject is too long, it likely will become trash without a second thought. Keeping your subject lines brief will increase the chances of them being opened. Remove frivolous and unnecessary words and aim to use no more than 50 characters for your subject.

Make it relevant

The subject line is a promise of what content will be in the email. Make sure your email content is represented in the subject line. If it is not, the chances are that future emails will not be opened by the recipient.

Use action-oriented verbs

Look at the subject line as you would a call to action. You want the reader to act on it immediately. So spur that action with the right verbs. Action verbs encourage the reader to take notice and do something. Simply using an action verb in the subject line makes the email more clickable.

Foster a sense of belonging

People love to be part of the “in crowd”. Appeal to that desire by making the recipient feel special for having received your email. When you employ this tactic, the recipient feels special and will develop a sense of loyalty to your company. Some examples for subject lines of this nature include “Private Invitation” and “Exclusively for You”.

Be shocking or unusual

There is nothing like a shock to get someone’s attention. Create a subject line that will capture the reader’s attention and perhaps even make them laugh. If your subject line piques the reader’s curiosity, there is a strong chance the email will be opened and acted upon.

Social proof

Include statistics that show social proof in your subject line. If readers feel that they will be part of the “in” crowd by clicking on your email, they are likely to do it.

Use numbers

Several studies have shown that subject lines with numbers are opened more often than those without them. Further, odd numbers get more attention than even ones do. So, if you can find a way to use an odd number into your subject line, don’t think twice, just do it.

People often make quick decisions on whether or not to open any particular email in their inbox. The key to having yours read lies in its ability to stand out from the rest. Having a unique and effective subject line is the key that opens the door to a successful email campaign. If your using TouchConvert, contact one of our experts to help you!

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