Reducing Hiring Costs With CRM and Marketing Automation Software

CRM | Customer Relationship Management | TouchConvertNo matter the current size of your business, you want to see it grow. As your small business becomes a midsize company and eventually a larger enterprise, you will need to bring in new people and hire a larger staff. This has always been the conventional way of viewing business growth, but the benefits offered by an automated CRM (customer relationship management) system like TouchConvert could provide your business the opportunity to grow while also saving on hiring costs.

Effective CRM and marketing automation software is designed to automatically do the job of several employees, thus allowing business owners to keep hiring costs down and increase productivity at the same time. A properly implemented CRM system can help your business save on hiring costs in several departments, most notably marketing, sales, support and human resources.


The main goal of CRM and marketing automation software is to help your company bring in new customers, while taking much of the work out of marketing. The most obvious and immediate benefits of automated marketing systems are through email marketing. Drip email campaigns are a tried and true technique, and many experts believe they will continue to be one of the most effective marketing methods well into the future.

With CRM and marketing automation software, a business owner simply takes the time initially needed to input the campaign content, and the system does the rest. This can save an untold amount on your budget and help eliminate the need for hiring additional marketing experts, writers, advertisers and others.


In a similar way that a CRM system helps automate your marketing department, it can also eliminate the need for hiring additional sales reps while still increasing sales. It can also help manage opportunities, leads, sales tasks, sales funnels and other essential elements, reducing the time and manpower normally needed for these areas. While the system may not close the sale by itself, it can help to take every step prior to closing and put you in the best possible position to finish the deal.

Human Resources

Effective CRM systems help do the jobs of multiple people, streamlining various departments and positions in your company. This will allow your human resources department to focus on more essential tasks, instead of constantly bringing in new people to fill the roles that could be filled by CRM systems.

There are other areas where CRM software like TouchConvert can help reduce costs, and these are just a few examples of roles that it can fill. With TouchConvert, your company can continue to grow while reducing hiring costs and increasing productivity across the board.

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