Marketing Automation: Get the Secret Weapon to Make You a Superhero To Your Boss

Marketing Super Hero | TouchConvert

Getting ahead in the marketing world is tough. Great ideas surround you, leaving you with “I wish I thought of that!” syndrome. Finding ways to stand out requires creativity and innovation. But, what can be done that has not already been done? Are you doomed to mediocrity?

What if we told you that you have an unused secret weapon in your arsenal — one sure to impress your boss? Marketing automation holds the power to make you a superhero. But, Spiderman’s spidey senses, Superman’s cape and the Batmobile offer no help if left behind.

Marketing automation gives you the tools needed to rescue email marketing campaigns, if you use them. Automation gets the results which impress your boss — lead generation, conversions, successful campaigns — the first step in noticed. How does automation make you stand out as the superhero?

Check out the facts.

Marketing automation increases leads and conversions, according to three out of four of the businesses using it. Triggered emails get opened at a rate of 70.5 percent. And, these same emails see a 152 percent higher click-through rate than batch and blast emails.

YET, only 25 percent of email marketers use automation software.

These figures suggest you need one thing to stand out as a superhero — marketing automation. And, with few marketers using it, your work is sure to rise above the competition. Rescue your time and marketing campaigns with automation.

We understand  — it’s not that easy. Time, resources and budget considerations come into play. But, marketing automation returns each of these to you and your business. How so? Take a look.

  • Repetitive tasks handled by automation free you to deal with larger matters. You could save as much as 20 percent of your time with this one decision.

  • Targeted and personalized marketing becomes a reality. Dates, events, customer behavior and more dictate who your emails reach.

  • You get to be in all places at the same time. Wherever your customers hang, automation gets your message to them.

Plus, creative ideas need space to grow. While marketing automation tends to the daily execution of your campaigns, this space is created. You gain time to get your head out of the details to look at the big vision. And, your mind is freed to do its best creative work.

Increasing time, resources and revenue as well as the creativity of your campaigns is sure to impress the boss. TouchConvert makes your job easy and simple by helping automate the process. And, getting more done in less time makes you look like a superhero.

Contact us today to access your secret weapon for email marketing success.

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