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How to Use Templates in TouchConvert

How to Use Templates in TouchConvert

Posted By Olivia Justice
March 26, 2017 Category: How To, Email Campaigns, Templates

Are you looking to make your life easier by creating templates for your email and drip campaigns? Perhaps you use the same signature in every email or your monthly newsletter follows the same design. Using templates save tons of time. This how to guide will take you through how yo make an email template, how to load an email template and how to view all of your email templates in TouchConvert. To start, what is an email template? It is a reusable HTML file that is used to build an email campaign. So, why should you use email templates? Because it saves you a ton of time! If you are constantly using the same signature or photos in your emails, just save it as a template then you're able to revisit it time and time again. how to create a new email template Templating your Emails Once you create an email you're satisfied with, you can make a template out of your emails by clicking the template icon.                                       Making the Template When you click the template button you can either View a template and load it to the screen or you can make a template out of the email you are creating. In this case we'll create a template by clicking "Make This A Template" Giving the Template a Name Once you click to make a template you can give the template a name and then click "Save". Template i

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