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How to Add, Re-Order, Edit and Delete an Opportunity Stage

By Olivia Justice
July 28, 2017 Category: How To, Opportunity Stages, CRM

If youre using TouchConvert for CRM, a great place to start is by setting up your opportunity stages. TouchConvert comes with four pre-fabbed (generic) opportunity stages Prospecting, Estimate, Negotiation, Qualified. But every industry and company is different, so weve made it really easy for you to go in and edit your opportunity stages, add additional opportunity stages, delete opportunity stages and re-order opportunity stages. This how-to article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish that. Navigating to Your Opportunity Stages Once youve logged into TouchConvert ( - youll be faced with your dashboard. In the right-hand panel, underneath Admin click on Settings Navigating CRM Once you get into your Settings, youll want to look to the right-hand menu again. In the right-hand menu click on CRM Adding an Opportunity Stage Now that youre in the CRM settings of TouchConvert, you can add an opportunity stage. To add a new opportunity

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