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How to Add, Re-Order, Edit and Delete an Opportunity Stage

By Olivia Justice
July 28, 2017 Category: How To, Opportunity Stages, CRM

If youre using TouchConvert for CRM, a great place to start is by setting up your opportunity stages. TouchConvert comes with four pre-fabbed (generic) opportunity stages Prospecting, Estimate, Negotiation, Qualified. But every industry and company is different, so weve made it really easy for you to go in and edit your opportunity stages, add additional opportunity stages, delete opportunity stages and re-order opportunity stages. This how-to article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish that. Navigating to Your Opportunity Stages Once youve logged into TouchConvert ( - youll be faced with your dashboard. In the right-hand panel, underneath Admin click on Settings Navigating CRM Once you get into your Settings, youll want to look to the right-hand menu again. In the right-hand menu click on CRM Adding an Opportunity Stage Now that youre in the CRM settings of TouchConvert, you can add an opportunity stage. To add a new opportunity

How to Add Subscribers to a Drip Campaign in TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
July 07, 2017 Category: How To, Add Subscribers, Drip Campaign, Marketing

Are you ready to get automated? Have you finally completed the task of setting up your drip campaigns and are ready to add subscribers periodically to your email campaigns? The hardest part is remembering to access TouchConvert to add these individuals to your email campaign, but if you go in and add them right at the beginning of the cycle - its all set it and forget it from then on out. Please Note: Oncea subscriber is added to a drip campaign - they begin their journey. This is when they will start receiving emails at the frequency that has been pre-determined. For example: If you have an email marked as ready to be set for day 0, and you add an individual to the drip campaign - they will receive that email in the matter of minutes. In this how-to guide well explain how to add subscribers to your already created drip campaign to TouchConvert. There are three different ways to add subscribers to your drip campaign: You can add newsubscribers to your drip campaign one-by-one.

How do I invite someone new to my TouchConvert Account?

By Olivia Justice
July 03, 2017 Category: How To, Adding A New Member

Did a new team member join your company? Is a coworker becoming involved in your sales and marketing efforts and they need a TouchConvert account? Depending on your admin settings, you may be able to add them to your account without having to consult a representative. If youre the main account holder - youll be able to add new members on your account. If youre not, you may need to either 1.) consult the full member on your companys account or 2.) contact a TouchConvert representative. This how-to article will explain how to add a new member to your TouchConvert account if you have full admin access. Logging into TouchConvert First, youll need to log-in to TouchConvert. To log-in, you need to go to and type in your username and password. Accessing the Admin Panel After logging in, from the dashboard - in the right-hand panel, underneath Admin click on Settings. Navigating to Create New Account Once you click on Setting from your Admin settings, youll

How to Use Templates in TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
March 26, 2017 Category: How To, Email Campaigns, Templates

Are you looking to make your life easier by creating templates for your email and drip campaigns? Perhaps you use the same signature in every email or your monthly newsletter follows the same design. Using templates save tons of time. This how to guide will take you through how yo make an email template, how to load an email template and how to view all of your email templates in TouchConvert. To start, what is an email template?It is a reusable HTML file that is used to build an email campaign. So,why should you use email templates? Because it saves you a ton of time! If you are constantly using the same signature or photos in your emails, just save it as a template then youre able to revisit it time and time again. how to create a new email template Templating your Emails Once you create an email youre satisfied with, you can make a template out of your emails by clicking the template icon. Making the Template When you click the template

How to Change Your Email in TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
March 01, 2017 Category: How To, Admin Settings

Are you using TouchConvert for CRM and not getting any of your notifications because the wrong email is entered? Change your email! This how-to guide gives step by step instructions on how to do just that.

How to Change Your Password in TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
March 01, 2017 Category: Admin Settings, How To

Do you need to change your password in TouchConvert? This step-by-step guide gives you a instructions and pictures on how to do that.

How to Connect Social Media to TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
March 01, 2017 Category: How To, Admin Settings

To utilize the social media portion of TouchConvert, it is necessary that you connect to your social media networks. So, maybe youre wondering how do I connect my social media networks with TouchConvert? This how to guide covers all the steps on how to connect Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We even go over how to connect your Google Analytics Account - which allows you to better understand your website data. Location: Settings Connections If you click on Connections on the right menu under settings you will be take to the screen that allows you to connect to your third party services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linked In. As TouchConvert adds more connections to more services this is the place you can go to to connect to your third party services. 1. Connecting to Facebook 1. Click on the Facebook button 2. Login to your Facebook You will be greeted to your facebook login. Type your username and password. Click Login at the bottom (You do not need

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