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How to create a drip campaign in TouchConvert

How to create a drip campaign in TouchConvert

Posted By Olivia Justice
September 06, 2017 Category: Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are an imporantant kind of customer nurturing that every marketing professional needs. This type of email marketing sends emails to segmented lists on a pre-determined frequency - taking the customer on a journey. The journey begins when the customer is added to the drip campaign. This type of marketing requires a lot of leg work up front, but in the long run increase client retention and conversion. Typically, each email in your campaign could stand alone but collectively, they encourage a specific action (using your service, purchase your product or to warm up the lead). Once you've segmented your list, created the content for your drip campaign and determined the frequency of your messages you're all ready to create your drip campaign. This guide shows you how to set up a drip campaign in TouchConvert. Login to TouchConvert If you're not already logged into TouchConvert, then you'll need to login by visiting . Type in your username and password and click 'Login'. Navigating to your Drip Campaign Panel Once you're logged into TouchConvert you're greeted with your dashboard. In the right-hand panel you want to navigvate to your drip campaigns. Creating a new drip campaign If this is your first campaign your screen will say "You don't have any drip campaigns yet" . To create your first drip campaign click on the green plus sign on the top right-corner. Setting up your d

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