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How to Add Subscribers to a Drip Campaign in TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
July 07, 2017 Category: How To, Add Subscribers, Drip Campaign, Marketing

Are you ready to get automated? Have you finally completed the task of setting up your drip campaigns and are ready to add subscribers periodically to your email campaigns? The hardest part is remembering to access TouchConvert to add these individuals to your email campaign, but if you go in and add them right at the beginning of the cycle - its all set it and forget it from then on out. Please Note: Oncea subscriber is added to a drip campaign - they begin their journey. This is when they will start receiving emails at the frequency that has been pre-determined. For example: If you have an email marked as ready to be set for day 0, and you add an individual to the drip campaign - they will receive that email in the matter of minutes. In this how-to guide well explain how to add subscribers to your already created drip campaign to TouchConvert. There are three different ways to add subscribers to your drip campaign: You can add newsubscribers to your drip campaign one-by-one.

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