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Category: Admin Settings

How to Change Your Email in TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
March 01, 2017 Category: How To, Admin Settings

Have you been using the CRM settings, Task Management and all the other amazing things that TouchConvert has to offer - but the email address that you login with is not the email you check everyday? Well, lets change that. This how-to guide will take you through the step-by-step process of how to change your email address for TouchConvert. 1. Click on Settings 1. Change Email Location: Settings Edit Account Info Once you are in settings you will see a new dashboard for settings. On the main screen you can see that you have the ability to edit your personal account information. Click on the pencil to the right of your email address to change your email address. 2. Change Email Fill in your new email address twice. Click on Save so save your new email. It will not highlight until youve added your new email twice. Click Nevermind to Cancel. Its as simple as that! If you run into any trouble changing your email in TouchConvert, as always you can email

How to Change Your Password in TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
March 01, 2017 Category: Admin Settings, How To

Having trouble remembering the password you set for your TouchConvert account? Not to worry, this step-by-step guide explains exactly how to change your password. 1. Click on Settings 1. Change Password Location: Settings Edit Account Info Change Password On the Edit Account Info Screen click Change Password 2. Change Password Enter your old password. Enter your new password. Enter your new password again. Click Save. Click Nevermind to cancel. Hopefully, now that youve looked at our step-by-step guide you have some clarity on how to change your password in TouchConvert. If you run into any issues, you can always email our helpdesk or contact us today.

How to Connect Social Media to TouchConvert

By Olivia Justice
March 01, 2017 Category: How To, Admin Settings

To utilize the social media portion of TouchConvert, it is necessary that you connect to your social media networks. So, maybe youre wondering how do I connect my social media networks with TouchConvert? This how to guide covers all the steps on how to connect Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We even go over how to connect your Google Analytics Account - which allows you to better understand your website data. Location: Settings Connections If you click on Connections on the right menu under settings you will be take to the screen that allows you to connect to your third party services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linked In. As TouchConvert adds more connections to more services this is the place you can go to to connect to your third party services. 1. Connecting to Facebook 1. Click on the Facebook button 2. Login to your Facebook You will be greeted to your facebook login. Type your username and password. Click Login at the bottom (You do not need

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