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How do I invite someone new to my TouchConvert Account?

How do I invite someone new to my TouchConvert Account

Posted By Olivia Justice
July 03, 2017 Category: How To, Adding A New Member

Did a new team member join your company? Is a coworker becoming involved in your sales and marketing efforts and they need a TouchConvert account? Depending on your admin settings, you may be able to add them to your account without having to consult a representative. If you're the main account holder - you'll be able to add new members on your account. If you're not, you may need to either 1.) consult the full member on your company's account or 2.) contact a TouchConvert representative. This how-to article will explain how to add a new member to your TouchConvert account if you have full admin access. Logging into TouchConvert First, you'll need to log-in to TouchConvert. To log-in, you need to go to and type in your username and password. Accessing the Admin Panel After logging in, from the dashboard - in the right-hand panel, underneath Admin click on 'Settings'. Navigating to 'Create New Account' Once you click on Setting from your Admin settings, you'll want to, again, look to that right-hand panel to access the 'Create New Account' panel. If you do not see the entire menu below - that means you do not have the admin rights on the account to invite other individuals to your company's TouchConvert account. Please contact a TouchConvert representative or the admin on your company's account to invite the indivudal to your account. Inviting someone New to your TouchConvert Acc

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