How to turn CRM Use Into a Habit

How to Turn CRM Use Into a Habit | TouchConvertPutting your CRM to use for you and your business is the most important aspect to adoption. Of course, it’s usually the most difficult step in the process. The sad fact is that up to 60% of all CRM adoptions fail. The #1 reason normally cited is a failure to actively use the software after subscription.

Using your CRM daily is critical. It’s similar to buying a membership at your local fitness facility. It’s one thing to buy the membership but another thing altogether to follow through on getting to the gym every day. Buying the membership doesn’t get you into shape. Using the membership gets you fit.

Installing your CRM takes you through the same process. You've it’s time to gain the benefits. Here are 4 helpful tips to ensure you’re experiencing effective results from your CRM software.

1. Get Clear on CRM Benefits

When you’re used to handling customers the way you’ve done it in the past, it’s easy to forget why you subscribed to your customer relationship management software. You shopped around, and subscribed to the CRM and the payment is done one day and the next day you’re swamped with regular business activities.

You subscribed to the software because you were convinced of the benefits and how they would improve your business results. There are many benefits to CRM but here are three important ones:

  • Better communication with prospects and customers
  • Everyday task automation
  • Better analytical data

Simply ensuring that each employee has access to the same information about each prospect and customer goes a long way in improving the experience people have with your business. It improves communication and user experience when your prospects or customers don’t need to start over every time they speak to a different company representative.

Making the sale comes with multiple activities that can create a drag on efficiency. Your CRM will help automate tasks when it comes to sending reports, addressing legal issues, filling out forms, etc. Automating these activities means you are more available to handle important tasks, such as dealing personally with prospects and customers.

Analyzing results is vital to improving your business. We know you’re aware of this so don’t forget how effective your CRM is when it comes to analytical data. Sales goals, performance results and customer data is at your fingertips. This information will help you make better overall decisions.

When the benefits of CRM are “top of mind”, it makes logging in to use it that much easier to do.

2. Turn Your CRM Use Into a Habit

Don’t fall into the trap of doing things as you’ve always done them. In order to turn CRM use into a habit, you need to understand what goes into changing habits. Some people call this a process of breaking behavior chains.

Your current behavior when it comes to CRM use may sound like this in your head, “I need to start using our CRM but I’m busy and it sounds complicated...I’ll get to it later.”

You can use the “When, Then” process to change your daily strategy. Try this: “When I get a new customer or make a new contact, then I’ll immediately enter their information into the CRM database.”

This takes the pressure off to immediately understand and use every aspect of the CRM subscription. The only thing you’re committing to is to enter the information of a customer or contact. That’s it. After a few experiences with entering the information, you’ll realize how simple it is as you develop a new habit to use the software.

3. Get Clear on Overall Goals

Turning CRM use into a daily habit becomes easier to achieve when you’re clear on why you’re using the software.

You must know your goals:

  • Provide improved better customer service?
  • Increase sales?
  • Help existing customers more effectively?
  • Increase profitability?
  • Attain better business management?

You're most likely looking for improvement in all of the above areas. Rank them in order of importance. Then, use CRM to track and analyze how these goals are getting accomplished and where improvement is needed.

Link your CRM application and strategy to your business goals. Once you align your strategies with how your customer relationship management works in concert with those strategies, your motivation to use the software increases.

4. Make the Commitment

In the end, nothing will change until you make a direct commitment to use CRM daily. You can start small. Commit to simply logging in to the software each morning for one week. Once you’re logged in, you’ll naturally see updates and messages and understand the next step to take.

Throughout the day, use the “When, Then” tactic described above to input data as you go about business. Once data is in the software, everything else in terms of sending you follow up reminders, putting prospects through the sales cycle, organizing customer next steps, etc all takes care of itself.

And automating all those tasks is the reason you installed your CRM in the first place.


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