How to Optimize Your Social Media for Search Engines

How to Optimize your Social Media for Search Engines | TouchConvertSocial media continues to grow in its impact for reaching audiences near and far. For your marketing campaign, this must have tool works only as well as its search engine optimization (SEO). After all, SEO gets you noticed by Google and its cohorts which turns consumers’ heads in your direction.

Creating a reputable social media profile can encourage followers directly, resulting in more people connecting with you and visiting your website, or indirectly by having an extra resource pointing to pages on your site.

Why is SEO relevant on social media? Because not all social media platforms work off the same internal search engine. Therefore, each channel may require its own unique touch for optimizing SEO.

Keep reading to see how you can boost SEO through social media:


To maximize your search engine exposure on Facebook (FB), the title and description come vitally into play. Your FB page name needs to be clear, the name of your company for example, as this will appear as your search title. See below:

Facebook Titles | TouchConvert

The About section wording needs to be informative, succinct and include a link to your website as this becomes your description. Plus, selecting a username provides a recognizable, user-friendly URL rather than a crazy string of characters.

Finally, adding links, fans and like buttons boosts SEO on this platform. Going beyond the About section, you should link to FB from your website. Take it a step further by placing FB like-buttons on your site and blog posts to encourage sharing. As you boost your fan base, SEO improves.


Connecting with people in your industry niche is a specialty of Twitter. Put yourself in the game with a clear profile picture and a good description to increase trust and build a gaggle of followers with genuine interest.

Consider these “following” tips:

  • Balance the number of those you follow with the size of your following. 0B
  • Find and follow those on the list of industry leaders. Retweet their posts. 0B
  • Learn to speak the language of hashtags well. These modern symbols increase engagement.

One more? Tweet. Tweet. Tweet again. But, always with creative and useful messages. The more innovative thoughts you share via Twitter, the more the followers line up. Add photos and videos for even greater SEO impact.

Don't have time to log-in every day? Schedule your posts out beforehand with the social media marketing tools in TouchConvert. 


Using Pinterest for Business gives your website exposure to the nearly two million pinners and access to analytics. To make the most of this opportunity, verify your website, write an About You profile and include a clear profile photo.

As you begin pinning, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use boards to separate pins by topic.
  • Pin, like and re-pin from other boards and websites (not just your own).
  • Follow leaders in your niche.

On all social media platforms, the keys to profitable SEO also include posting frequently with interesting content. The goal is to establish trust by sharing content which is valuable and attracts the attention of social media users. SEO will follow. 

Once you build your online reputation, keep up with it by scheduling out your posts within one dashboard: TouchConvert. Contact us today to learn more.

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