How to create a drip campaign in TouchConvert

Drip campaigns are an imporantant kind of customer nurturing that every marketing professional needs. This type of email marketing sends emails to segmented lists on a pre-determined frequency - taking the customer on a journey. The journey begins when the customer is added to the drip campaign.

This type of marketing requires a lot of leg work up front, but in the long run increase client retention and conversion. Typically, each email in your campaign could stand alone but collectively, they encourage a specific action (using your service, purchase your product or to warm up the lead).

Once you've segmented your list, created the content for your drip campaign and determined the frequency of your messages you're all ready to create your drip campaign. This guide shows you how to set up a drip campaign in TouchConvert.

Login to TouchConvert

If you're not already logged into TouchConvert, then you'll need to login by visiting . Type in your username and password and click 'Login'.

Navigating to your Drip Campaign Panel

Once you're logged into TouchConvert you're greeted with your dashboard. In the right-hand panel you want to navigvate to your drip campaigns.

Navigating to your Drip Campaign Panel | TouchConvert

Creating a new drip campaign

If this is your first campaign your screen will say "You don't have any drip campaigns yet" . To create your first drip campaign click on the green plus sign on the top right-corner.

Creating a new drip campaign | TouchConvert

Setting up your drip campaign

The first step to getting your drip campaign is creating a Title, adding in subscribers (or importing a new list) and assigning who the emails will be sent from.

Creating a title: Click into the red onlined box to start typing in the name of your drip campaign.

If you're not sure what to entitle your drip campaign, we've seen other customers title their campaigns with the type of customers that will be added to it (current customers, potential customers, or even if they offer different services they will segment the lists by the specific service). You can also title your drip campaign by the subject matter of the emails that will be added to it. For example: educational drip, onboarding, warm up...etc.  * You can change the title of your drip campaign at any time


Setting up your drip campaign | TouchConvert

Adding Subscribers to your drip campaign

Adding subscribers: You can add your subscribers in two ways.

  1. The first way to add subscribers to a new drip campaign is by using an existing campaign list. Click the dropdown to choose a list from an exisiting email or drip campaign.
  2. The second way to add subscribers to a new drip campaign is by importing a  new list. To add new subscribers click on 'Choose File'


The list you add to your campaign is who is subscribed to your campaign. *You do not need to add subscribers to get started

Adding Subscribers to your drip campaign | TouchConvert

Data mapping your import

  • Locate the .CSV (Comma Separated Values) on your computer. Choose it and click ‘Done’. You’ll then be faced with this data mapping screen:

Data Mapping with TouchConvert

Please notice. There are three boxes that have a red border around them: First Name, Last Name and Email. 

If you click on “Select first Name” from the dropdown you’ll see something this:

Choosing First Name from DropDown | TouchConvert

From this menu, you’ll want to match First Name with First Name - Choose First Name for this field. If you’re seeing an actual first name here like “Joe” “Bob” “Alex” or anyone else’s first name in this area – you’re missing the headers on your spreadsheet and will need to go back and add those in.

You’ll continue to map out by selecting the corresponding title to the “Select” title from the dropdown. For example, under “Select Last Name” I’ll choose Last Name, and so on and so forth.

As mentioned above, first name, last name and email are all that are required – so once those have been selected the ‘Done’ button will become green:

Match each database field | TouchConvert

Once you click 'Done', a black bar should appear at the top of your browser as a display advising that your contacts were successfully imported.


Please note: you are not required to add subscribers to start a drip campaign. You can add subscribers in at a later date.

Assign Send from Email

Assign Send From Email: You can choose your send from email in two ways:

  1. Select a name from the representatives emails that are added on your TouchConvert account from the dropdown menu (by clicking on the dropdown)
  2. Or.. you can add in a new email address to send your drip campaign email from.

This will be the email address recipients see once they receive the email. This email address must be from your domain. For example: On our TouchConvert account (our domain is so our email address must be from an email address. Anyone on our team that has an can send an email from our account - but no other email address (no, ...etc.)

Assign Send from Email | TouchConvert

Assign Send from Name

Assign Send From Name:  This will be the name that shows up as the send from name on all of the emails that come from this drip campaign. You can choose send from name in two ways:

  1. Select a name from the representatives emails that are added on your TouchConvert account from the dropdown menu (by clicking on the dropdown)
  2. Or.. you can add in a new name to send your drip campaign email from.

You can add any send from name that you would like. We suggest you use First and Last name to make it look personalized.

Assign Send from Name | TouchConvert

Save your new campaign

Once all of your information is added in, the greyed out 'Save' button will turn green and you can click 'Save'.

Save your new campaign | TouchConvert

How to add individual emails to a drip campaign

After you click 'Save' you will be taken back to the main Drip Campaign dashboard and you should see a black status bar at the top of your screen that reads "Your Drip Campaign Was Successfully Added".

Now that you have created the campaign you can begin setting up the emails that go in the campaign. Since you've already drafted the content, determined the frequency of the emails and added in the list of individuals you want to start on the campaign - this should be a breeze.

Keep following along to see how to add individual emails to your drip campaign:

  1. Click on the title the drip campaign you just created (that you want to add emails to).
  2. Once you click in you'll see "You don't have any emails for this campaign yet" - To add a new email to the campaign click on the green plus sign button.
How to add individual emails to a drip campaign | TouchConvert

Creating your first email in your drip campaign

After you click the green '+' sign, you are about to start building your new email.

  1. The first part of your drip campaign is the subject. Try and come up with a compelling subject line (less than 50 characters!) - something your reader will actually click on. If you're having trouble read our blog on some simple strategies for improving your email and drip campaign subject lines:
  2. To build the body of your drip campaign click into the HTML section where it says "Click here to add content".
Creating your first email in your drip campaign | TouchConvert

Building the body of your drip campaign

The body of your email is handled through our drag and drop editor.


Adding in optional text

After you've created the body of your text and made it aesthetically pleasing with the drag and drop editor - you'll want to copy and paste all of your plain text into the 'Text (optional)' section. Why? because it will effect your open rates. Email clients like Gmail and Outlook may look at your emails as spam if you don't have plain text behind your HTML emails.

So, what do you do? Simply copy and past any text that appears in your email and paste it into this section. If you have any hyperlinks in your email make sure to include them in this section as well by typing them out.

Adding in optional text | TouchConvert

Editing Your Email

The body of your email is handled through a drag and drop tool. All the tools you need to craft a beautiful email are here at your fingertips! 

1. Before you can add text, images or links, you'll need to drag down a content region. There are four different types of content regions: one large content region, two, three and four. 

Email Editor | TouchConvert

Email Structures

See below for the different types of content regions you can choose from:

Email Structures | TouchConvert

Modify Structures

Here we can see that you can drag the structures to modify their widths to create your own structure layout.

Modify Structures | TouchConvert

Adding Text

  1. To add text to a content region, click on the 'Text' button. As long as this button is clicked you're in the text editor. 
  2. When you click in any box a text editor will appear when it is in text mode as stated above.
Adding Text | TouchConvert

Changing the Background of an area

  1. If you click on the background icon you can change the backgrounds of each section.
  2. Click into a box with the background tool selected and a color picker will appear. See below, we've selected the top purple section as purple!
Changing the Background of an area | TouchConvert

Moving Sections Around

Each content region is flexible. You can drag and drop any of the regions and move them around:

  1. Click on these draggable icons to move the sections up or down.
Moving Sections Around | TouchConvert

Image Uploading

To add an image to the email:

  1. Click on the image icon
  2. The image dialogue box will appear.
  3. Click on the Upload tab.
  4. Click the "Add an Image" button and browse your computer for the image.
  5. Click "OK".

Now that image is added to the email.

Image Uploading | TouchConvert


Hyperlinking an Image

  1. Click on the image. You will see the draggable dots around the image
  2. Click on the "Link" icon to open the hyperlink box.
  3. Type in the hyperlink the image should go to
  4. Click "OK"

NOTE: Adding hyperlinks to your email will enhance the tracking of your visitors on your website because you will be driving traffic to your site from these emails. This is a good thing. Provide as many action items as you can.

Hyperlinking an Image | TouchConvert

Variable Data

Now to create some customized data for your message. 

The most common tags are...

  • To have the first name display type: {:first_name:}
  • For last name to display type: {:last_name:}
  • For their email to display: {:email:}
  • For their phone number to display: {:phone:}


Test, test, test!!!

After you've created the first email in your drip campaign you'll need to test it! Send the email to yourself, and even member of your teams and take a look at it on different devices, email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail..etc.) to make sure that it looks good before it's sent out to tons of people!

Test, test, test!!! | TouchConvert

Choose when you will send

After you've got the campaign set and you're ready to designate the 'send after' date. You can choose this by # of days, or # of months.

  1. Type in the # of days (or months) you want this email to be sent after. This means how many days (or months) the subscriber will receive this email after they are added to the campaign.
  2. Choose if the number you typed in is after days or months from the dropdown
  3. If you're not ready to send your email - you can save it as a draft.
  4. If you're ready to save your email click 'Ready to be sent'.
Choose when you will send | TouchConvert

Adding more emails to your campaign

Wah-Lah! You've added the first email to your drip campaign. Now keep the momentum and add the rest of your emails to your campaign by following the steps outlined in this guide.

If you need hands-on training, don't hesitate to sign up for one of our FREE training sessions. Check it out:


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