How to Boost Social Media Success with Email Marketing

Integrating your marketing strategies for social media and email can lead to easy marketing success. Keep in mind that any social media fan who has shared a personal email address with you is now part of the inner circle of your fans and customers. Ultimately, you want anyone who has subscribed to your email list to be following you on social media.

By being more engaging with both your social media fans and your email subscribers — and introducing members of one platform to the other, you can create a stronger overall marketing ecosystem.

Here are ways that you can integrate your efforts on social media and email for more successful marketing.

Email Marketing can Boost Social Media Success | TouchConvert1) Merge Your Lists

One of the first things that you need to do to effectively merge these communities is to merge your lists. Start by looking at a comma-separated values (CSV) list of your followers. This is a plain text data table that easily uploads to your email marketing platform. Make sure everyone on your email list is a fan or follower on your social media account, and vice versa. Create content and calls to action that are super appealing and make them want to be on both. Top ways to do so are by offering exclusive content, contests and valuable information.

2) Make it a Collection Tool

Many user profiles on social media are connected to an email account, by getting the .csv file mentioned above, you should have the emails for your followers. Use your social accounts to collect new customers and subscribers and build bigger lists for your campaigns. The more you have in your subscriber list, the more your brand is out there!

3) Retargeting is Key

Have you ever thought of remarketing or retargeting your current audience? To be at the forefront of every fan and every customer’s mind, make sure that you are retargeting them using ads. Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Google ads all have retargeting settings that you can use to be omnipresent. Your name and product will appear in their feeds and sidebars, prompting them to visit your site and think about you.

Many of these ad programs also provide analytics, use the data from these to positively impact your email marketing.

4) Create and Foster Groups

Using groups and communities on social media is a great way to stay connected with your fans on a deeper level. It’s awesome if they like your Facebook page — it’s even better if they join an open group or a community you are building. These groups allow you to not only keep in touch with your fans, but to also open up conversation and get to know them better. Once you’ve done that, create individualized email lists for each person and give them content that is pertinent to the group’s unique purpose.

The integration possibilities are virtually endless, and making the most of both platforms is a great way to step up your marketing efforts online for low cost. TouchConvert is your all-in-one digital sales and marketing software, learn more about how we can grow your business.

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