How to Add, Re-Order, Edit and Delete an Opportunity Stage

If you're using TouchConvert for CRM, a great place to start is by setting up your opportunity stages. TouchConvert comes with four pre-fabbed (generic) opportunity stages > Prospecting, Estimate, Negotiation, Qualified. But every industry and company is different, so we've made it really easy for you to go in and edit your opportunity stages, add additional opportunity stages, delete opportunity stages and re-order opportunity stages. This how-to article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish that.

Navigating to Your Opportunity Stages

Once you've logged into TouchConvert ( - you'll be faced with your dashboard. In the right-hand panel, underneath 'Admin' click on Settings

Navigating to Your Opportunity Stages | TouchConvert

Navigating > CRM

Once you get into your Settings, you'll want to look to the right-hand menu again. In the right-hand menu click on CRM

Navigating > CRM | TouchConvert

Adding an Opportunity Stage

Now that you're in the CRM settings of TouchConvert, you can add an opportunity stage.

To add a new opportunity stage:

  1. Click on the green plus sign.
  2. A new box will populate, in that box you will want to type the name of your new opportunity stage.
  3. Once you've named your opportunity, click Add

You now have a new opportunity stage added into TouchConvert. Is it not in the order you want? Continue reading to learn how to re-order your opportunity stages.

Adding an Opportunity Stage | TouchConvert

Re-ordering Opportunity Stages

If you find that after adding in an opportunity stage, that they are no longer in the order in which you flow through, we've made it easy to re-order them. Check it out:

1. On the CRM Settings page under Opportunity Stages: Click on the four arrows next to the opportunity stage you'd like to re-order and drag it (up or down) to it's new place in your sales cycle.

Once you have reordered your opportunity stage, it saves instantly. (A black bar will show up at the top of your screen confirming the re-order)

Re-ordering Opportunity Stages | TouchConvert

Editing Existing Opportunity Stages

To edit an existing opportunity stage:

  1. On the CRM Settings page under Opportunity Stages: Click on the Green Pencil that is to the right of the opportunity stage name.
  2. Type in the text box any edits you have to the opportunity stage name
  3. Once you've edited the opportunity stage name to your liking, click Save


Editing Existing Opportunity Stages | TouchConvert

Deleting Opportunity Stages

To delete an opportunity stage in TouchConvert:

  1. On the CRM Settings page under Opportunity Stages:  click on the green pencil next to the opportunity stage you want to delete.
  2. Click on Trash
  3. A window will pop up asking you to confirm the deleting of this opportunity stage. Click 'Yes'.

Please note: If you've already assigned opportunities to certain opportunity stages, it will not allow you to delete them. You will need to go to the opportunities you have in that stage and move it to a different opportunity stage.  


Deleting Opportunity Stages | TouchConvert

There you have it. That is a "how to" on adding, editing, re-ordering and deleting opporunity stages in TouchConvert. Simple, right?

Are you still having trouble setting up your opportunity stages? Let us know - and we'll help you out.

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