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Manage Your Subscriptions

Location: Admin > Settings > Subscriptions > Edit Subscriptions

1. Select your desired subscription plan by clicking "Purchase" underneath the column.

2. Fill in your credit card information. If you are switching subscriptions, this is still necessary; however, you will not be charged twice, as our system will adjust to your new selection.

3. Click "Buy" in the lower left-hand corner.

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Visitor Tracking Code

Location: Admin > Settings > Visitor Tracking

Copy the visitor tracking code and paste it into the head of your website.

*Note: Visitor Tracking will only work once you've added the javascript tracking code to each page of your website. This tracking code wll allow you to see who is reading your email campaigns along with where they are clicking on your website.

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How to track Visitors through the Visitor Tracking Screen

Location: Analytics > Visitor Tracking

1. Select the calendar to see if there were any clicks on a specific day.

2. Search for visitors that clicked through on that day by using the search box, and then click "Go."

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How do I login to TouchConvert?

To login to TouchConvert you need to go to

Once you're there, you'll be able to type in your username and password.

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