Email Marketing Automation Makes You an HR Superstar

How does email marketing automation rock your company’s communications and make you the superstar? The oft-quoted statistic that email marketing boasts a 3,800 percent return on investment (ROI) proves impressive. But, in human resources (HR) circles, ROI is more ambiguous.

Be a the HR Department Superstar with Marketing Automation | TouchConvertLet’s look at this another way:

Eighty-six percent of business professionals prefer email when communicating about business. Seventy-three percent of millennials agree. Automated emails optimize productivity, according to 43 percent of companies using this platform. And, 58 percent of email automation users name more timely communications as a benefit.

Email marketing automation offers significant ROI, even before getting to the bottom line. Bringing this platform to your company raises your star status. Check out the following benefits of automating your email processes.

It Gets Personal

Human beings like to be noticed. Open rates for personalized emails rise six percent above generic sends. And, communications with a first name in the subject line boost click-through rates above emails without this feature. Marketing automation gives you the power to accomplish both efficiently. Whether reaching recruits or current employees, email automation allows you to create personalized emails.

Drip Campaigns for Employee Communication

With drip campaigns, you'll never forget another employees birthday or anniversary. Drip campaign allows you to wish employees 'Happy Birthday' or 'Happy Anniversary' and customize it with their first name. Whether your company has 10 employees or 1,000 - they'll feel special that you remembered their birthday or work anniversary. 

And, imagine working in the 30/60/90 day review into the work anniversary drip campaign? Scheduling employee reviews and meetings become so easy without being cold! It's all set it and forget it. 

Using Email Campaigns to Reach Employees

Have big news and don't want to use the 'company (all)' email? Add them all to an email campaign! Email campaigns will allow you to send holiday greetings and invitations to holiday parties in mass. 

You can set your email campaigns to go when you have the time, instead of in the eleventh hour before you're ready to run out the door. Saving you time, and getting you out the door and to the holiday party on time.

It’s All Relevant

Content which matters to email recipients increases the chance of emails being read. Policy updates and changes get into the right hands. Video-based training loses some of its frustration when automation lets you know who watched it. 

Furthermore, email marketing integrates well with social media to expand your reach. Social share icons, share-worthy content, and incentives encourage your staff to connect with one another. Plus, you program the emails and resulting social media posts to reach readers at the hour they are most likely to read them.

It Relieves Pain Points

Marketing automation is great for onboarding new employees. Drip campaigns help relieve pain points within your organization or with new recruits. Answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), attending to problems and offering solutions keeps communication open. And, these messages get out while you work on other important tasks.

Even better, these campaigns see 80 percent higher open rates and 300 percent greater click-through rates than one-time send emails. Knowing your emails get a quick read through before entering the trash bin ranks as a victory!

The most significant barrier to successful marketing automation is a lack of an effective strategy. In fact, 64 percent of companies name ease of implementation as the primary reason for selecting an automation platform. TouchConvert makes the automation process easy for you.

Contact us today to become the email automation rockstar in your HR department.

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