Distilling Google Analytics with TouchConvert

Google Analytics (GA) is today’s most widely used web analytics service, with over 10 million websites using its dashboards. It makes sense - GA’s free features are invaluable in tracking your website data. It’s relatively simple to set-up and GA can help you learn which web pages send you traffic, what content on your website is most popular, what content people see first, and which keywords are leading them to your websites.

So what’s the problem? Sure, GA sounds simple, but most users find themselves wondering, “why is it so hard to use Google Analytics?”

With all of the benefits that come with using GA, you also run into some issues. GA requires constant training. With GA continuously being developed and changing to suit users’ needs, it can become overwhelming to analyze all of the data coming in, especially when not all of the data is essential.

How do you sort through all this data easily without knowing what’s important? How can a marketing department go through GA data when it’s all hidden behind one member’s Google account? Does one person really have to share their GA account with every department member?

Of course not. That’s why there’s TouchConvert, Virteom’s all-in-one marketing and sales software.

By connecting Google Analytics to your TouchConvert account, TouchConvert separates your report types into into ten separate categories, or features: Users, New Users, Percent New Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Page Views, Time on Site, Keywords, Sources, and By Page. Every department member can have access to TouchConvert, and can see the relevant GA information within the TouchConvert dashboard.

Each feature gives you the essential information you need to know about your website and each has the ability to filter your data by month, week, day of week, and hour. No more pulling your hair out trying to do all of this yourself on your Google account. TouchConvert is here to help you.

Let’s take a look at how each Google Analytics feature on TouchConvert will help you take your website to the next level:

Users, New Users, and Percent Users

First let’s look at the Users, New Users, and Percent New Users features. Through these TouchConvert tabs, you can see how users are being brought to your page: organically, paid, or through a referral. Looking at your users can also provide insight on best times to post to your site based on your users’ locations. You may find that a majority of your users view your content from a specific state or at a certain time of the day. Not happy with your stats? Use TouchConvert’s other features, including Social Media Integration, Email/Drip Campaigning, and SEO Reports to target your prospects and grow your following.        


Sessions are an important measure to see how your website is doing. A session is a group of interactions taking place on your website, which can consist of multiple page views during an individual's visit. TouchConvert’s Sessions tab reports the amount of visits to your site per month, week, day of week, or hour. It also lets you filter the report by location (just like the Users, New Users, and Percent New Users features,) so you can see exactly where your hits are coming from.

Bounce Rate

Next, let’s look at bounce rate. Bounce rate is a percentage of single page visits (or web sessions), or the number of visits in which a person leaves your website from the landing page without browsing any further. A normal bounce rate is 26 to 40 percent. If you have an exceptionally high bounce rate, be sure and ask yourself why. Are you distracting your users from continuing to peruse your site? Are you engaging? Is your content up to date?  Asking these types of questions can put your bounce rate in better shape.

Page Views

The Page Views feature shows the average number of pages viewed on your site.  This metric gives you an idea of the quality of your content and how visitors are navigating your site. If you have a low average compared to your number of pages, maybe it’s because your content isn’t engaging, or customers aren’t sure where they are supposed to go next. Make sure to go on your site and read carefully. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What could be changed or added to your site to grow your pageview number?

Time on Site

The Time on Site feature tells you the average amount of time spent on your site. This metric is also a good indicator of quality of content. If you have long blog articles throughout your site, but the time spent on the site is low, then people aren’t taking the time to read your blogs all the way through. Like stated under the Page Views explanation, think about how your content could be changed or added to be more engaging with your visitors.


The Keywords feature tells you what keywords are directing traffic on your site and how the keywords relate to each filtered category (Users, New Users, Percent New Users, etc.) This helps you get to know what exactly your customers are searching for and how they’re getting drawn to your site. If there’s a particular topic of words that are consistently at the top of the list, what does that say about your customers’ needs? Be sure to  cater to what’s working with your SEO.


Sources (also known as “HTTP Referrers”) show you the websites that have referred users to your site. The Sources feature in TouchConvert shows you exactly what sites have referred you and the number of times you were referred by each site. If customers on Facebook are recommending you and sending a lot of referrals, your top source page might be Facebook. If you have ads on a specific site and that site is your top source on TouchConvert, then that ad is doing pretty well. It’s helpful to see where your hits are coming from so that you know where to effectively focus your marketing efforts.

By Page

The By Page feature on TouchConvert analyzes each one of your web pages using the other TouchConvert GA features. For example, you filter the metrics and just see data for your “Contact” page, and then look at all of the metrics we’ve discussed. This helps you pinpoint exactly how well each page is doing on your site. If your blog pages aren’t doing as well as your other pages, you’ll be able to see the data to back that up in this feature. This will help you know which pages to focus on for your website so that you can take your website to the next level.

So, what’s the major takeaway? While Google Analytics is there to make sure your website works well and that you’re getting the most out of your content, TouchConvert is there to make your life simple. Let TouchConvert help you make the most out of your website.

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