Boosting Your Customer Journey with Marketing Automation

Drip marketing campaigns reach customers through personalized emails along the customer journey. These targeted emails increase engagement with your brand and help build a strong relationship with customers.

However, tracking the customer journey and sending customized welcome, reminder and re-engagement emails takes time. Marketing automation reduces the time drain and removes the pain from the process.

These campaigns are not the same as traditional email campaigns. Often, the difference between email and drip campaigns sometimes gets lost. So, let’s review first.

A Review: Email Marketing vs. Drip Marketing

Very simply, email marketing campaigns get delivered on specific dates at specific times. For instance, you set delivery to run the first of the month at 8 a.m. or on a major holiday. Drip campaigns match the consumer’s journey along the sales funnel. They are not based on a set time but on a behavioral trigger or the stage of a customer journey.

Using Marketing Automation With Drip Marketing

Boosting Your Customer Journey with Marketing Automation | TouchConvertMarketing automation allows you to retain control over email content and when it is delivered. But, tracking individual customer journeys to ensure each customer receives the appropriate emails in a timely manner is taken care of for you. You simply create your content, set your ideal delivery schedule and automation handles the rest.

Marketing automation helps with:

  • Onboarding Campaigns: From the time a prospect first shows interest in your product or service, automated emails work to convert. An initial welcome email with one clear CTA gets delivered immediately after a consumer signs up. This email gets followed with one that motivates the prospect to engage by illustrating that your company understands the consumer. A third email might answer consumer questions and remove barriers to purchasing.
  • Reminder Campaigns: Triggered emails remind prospects or your own staff of events like courses, webinars, free trainings, live gatherings, meetings and more. Schedules overflow and events get missed. Emails reminding consumers what they signed up to attend increase their chance of actually attending. Timing these emails a week, a day or an hour ahead also builds anticipation when combined with the right content.
  • Re-engagement Emails: Behaviorally triggered emails remind users to log back in. “We miss you” emails with a free trial, offer or coupon encourage re-engagement. A brief response requested by such emails offers valuable feedback on barriers to converting prospects. Targeted emails with links to valuable content remind inactive subscribers why they love your brand. And, a CTA can also encourage customers to engage in a new way, like through social media.
  • Internal HR Relations: Drip campaigns do more than remind segments of your staff of the meetings and trainings they need to attend. They also help employees stay connected, build trust and nurture company relationships by keeping staff informed, recognizing work anniversaries, encouraging engagement in company conversations or requesting feedback or the filling out of forms. Automated follow-up emails push staff engagement with content.

Making Drip Marketing Work for You

Drip email marketing allows you to set the stages of your customer’s journey and determine the best “what and when” of delivering emails to consumers traveling through them. These triggered, drip emails deliver based on your segmentation and a consumer’s stage in the customer journey. The result? Behaviorally triggered, highly personalized emails that get results.

Let’s Look at an Example of Marketing Automation:

Example of Marketing Automation | TouchConvertA consumer first engages with your brand via social media, your website or a blog post. The CTA encourages them to enter an email to subscribe to regular posts. They bite. Marketing automation logs their address and generates a welcome email.

The triggered email might offer a demonstration of your product or a getting started guide. You may choose to offer a free trial, encourage a download or install your application. The key is including a single CTA which offers value to the consumer and connects to your brand.

Three to five days later, if the consumer fails to respond, another email goes out offering motivation or removing barriers to convert to a customer. Through this series of emails, you demonstrate to the consumer that you understand their problems and offer viable solutions.

Reminder emails follow when no response is gauged. Automation notes the lack of response and sends a reminder that the offer or trial is about to expire. Using an interaction history, the offer may even be automatically up or downgraded based on your preferences.

Let’s Make Drip Campaigns Work for You

The upfront work of drip marketing is worth your time. It really works! And, once you create the content and set up your drip campaign processes, you sit back and reap the rewards. With drip campaigns, your leads get personalized attention, and no customer goes unseen.

Contact the TouchConvert team today to discover how we link into your CMS seamlessly to get you results that go beyond those of traditional email campaigns. 

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