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My Website is Generating Leads. Now What?

By TouchConvert
October 10, 2017 Category: General

Your website is up and running. Your web presence is established. What now?

Simple Strategies for Improving your Email and Drip Campaign Subject Lines

By Admin
October 26, 2016 Category: General

Email and drip campaigns are a great way to generate business for your company. But, they are only effective if they are read by their recipients. It is essential that you push people from recipient to reader and ultimately to customer. Since the first part of any email someone sees is the subject line, that is your best spot to make this conversion. If your subject lines are falling short or your own expectations, follow some of these guidelines for your next campaign. Use brevity Be respectful of peoples time. If an email subject is too long, it likely will become trash without a second thought. Keeping your subject lines brief will increase the chances of them being opened. Remove frivolous and unnecessary words and aim to use no more than 50 characters for your subject. Make it relevant The subject line is a promise of what content will be in the email. Make sure your email content is represented in the subject line. If it is not, the chances are that future emails will not be

Why Your Business Needs a CRM

By Admin
October 17, 2016 Category: General

Have you started a new business recently? Or have you successfully run a small or medium sized business for some time now, and you are hoping to improve or even take your business to an entirely new level? There is a term, of which you are likely aware, known as Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. Now CRM, if you are unaware, can be used to refer to either a sales or service based relationship with customer, but can also be used when referring to business-to-business relationships. To really improve your customer relations (which, in turn increases profits) you need to really understand the big picture behind your interactions with your customers and their satisfaction level. A simple Customer Relationship Management software, like TouchConvert, can help to take stock of whats really going on with your company and your customers, which is turn will help increase customer satisfaction and, in turn, profits. But here is a more in-depth look at why you should use a CRM software

Distilling Google Analytics with TouchConvert

By Sarah Falck
June 15, 2016 Category: General

Google Analytics (GA) is todays most widely used web analytics service, with over 10 million websites using its dashboards. It makes sense - GAs free features are invaluable in tracking your website data. Its relatively simple to set-up and GA can help you learn which web pages send you traffic, what content on your website is most popular, what content people see first, and which keywords are leading them to your websites. So whats the problem? Sure, GA sounds simple, but most users find themselves wondering, why is it so hard to use Google Analytics? With all of the benefits that come with using GA, you also run into some issues. GA requires constant training. With GA continuously being developed and changing to suit users needs, it can become overwhelming to analyze all of the data coming in, especially when not all of the data is essential. How do you sort through all this data easily without knowing whats important? How can a marketing department go through GA data when its all

Email vs. Drip Campaigns: What's the Difference?

By Sarah Falck
June 15, 2016 Category: General

In the world of digital marketing, email campaigns are one of the most common forms of communication. Long gone are the days of print ads, snail mail, and talking to your customer through impersonal media. In todays world, email marketing is all about making it personal and connecting with your customer. But with so many emails getting sent, how do you easily keep track of them all? Thats where TouchConvert comes in. Touch Converts Email Campaign and Drip Campaign features make automating your email communication easy and stress-free. According to research, automating your email campaigns will get you great results, increasing conversion rates by as high as 50% and getting 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails. But, wait! Whats the difference between an email campaign and a drip campaign? Good question. It all comes down to when your emails are getting sent. Lets take a look at each type of campaign individually: EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Most people, whether they know it or not,

Bringing Marketing and CRM Software Together Ignites Success

By Rachel Szabo
May 05, 2016 Category: General

Out of all the companies that have a CRM, only 39% are successful, so you have to be asking yourself - how do I become part of that 39%? The benefits of CRM software are immeasurable when you consider the impact it has on your overall customer service experience, marketing, and sales. The challenge, however, comes with deciding whether or not your company will indeed gain value from investing in a customer relationship management system. Smart businesses are putting their customers first. How about this analogy: Think about trying to prepare for that summer body. Lets face it, even though Mother Nature cant make up her mind about the weather, Winter IS OVER and Summer IS on its way, and your summer body could use a refresher course. So we hop in the car, go to the workout store and buy some high ticket priced weights. After spending an outrageous amount on workout gear, we bring home the equipment and look up some workout videos on Youtube. We set everything up and do a nice 30 minute

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