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Category: Email Campaigns

3 Tips to Increase Your Email Campaign Effectiveness

By TouchConvert
April 05, 2018 Category: Email Campaigns

Want to be effective in growing your client base? You may have heard that building your email list is everything. Granted, list building is a guaranteed captive audience but in order to grow your overall reach, you need to do a little more work. Random email campaigns are not enough. When you have a general list, youre not able to segment your message for that group. And more times than not, theres a missing link commonly referred to as the Call To Action (CTA). Heres how to partner your email campaigns with various CTAs! Pair Your Email Campaign with Blogs Posts Every time a visitor lands on your website, your SEO (search engine optimization) improves. Schedule regular emails that send your readers to various sections of your blog. With every click onto your website, Google Analytics is taking note of your website traffic and bumping you up higher on their search engine. That means new visitors are able to find your website easier than when they are looking for the product or service

8 Best Practices for Email Marketing

By Admin
July 25, 2017 Category: Email Marketing, Email Campaigns, Drip Marketing

Email marketing may not be as flashy and fancy as the latest tools of the trade, but running a successful email campaign will still help you generate more leads and convert readers into customers. Its a no-brainer with return on investment (ROI) being so high since there is little-to-no cost with email campaigns. When implementing any marketing tactic, it is important to review what works. Here are eight best practices for email marketing campaigns to help you convert your audience: 1. Include incentives Incentives included in a subject line will increase your open rate by as much as half. For example, offer a specific amount of free shipping or a gift with a demonstration can help lure customers to click and convert. 2.Target your audience Make sure that you create different lists for different purposes. You can have a general list, but also include mailings specific to the reader based on the sales funnels you have established. 3.Make Customer Lists Create separated customer

Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates Today By Using A Personal Tone

By Admin
January 31, 2017 Category: Email Campaigns, Drip Campaigns

Email and drip campaigns can help your business thrive. Imagine a customer receives your email marketing campaign and instantly theyre intrigued to purchase your product or services. A great way to accomplish this feat is to use a personal tone when writing them. This strategy is far more effective than sending emails that read like newsletters or appear to be spam that the recipient may just put in the trash. Take a look at all the ways using a personal tone in your email and drip campaigns will improve your open rate: The tone of your email The tone of your email is important. If you want the reader of the email to act on it, you want to send a message that seems like you are talking to the reader. There is a bit of an art to this method, as there is a fine line between having a personal tone and being unprofessional. Avoid using slang or foul language, but present the information as if you were telling it to a close friend. Avoid using corporate speak and instead use everyday

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