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Month: March 2018

Boosting Your Customer Journey with Marketing Automation

By TouchConvert
March 05, 2018 Category: Marketing Automation, Drip Campaigns

Drip marketing campaigns reach customers through personalized emails along the customer journey. These targeted emails increase engagement with your brand and help build a strong relationship with customers. However, tracking the customer journey and sending customized welcome, reminder and re-engagement emails takes time. Marketing automation reduces the time drain and removes the pain from the process. These campaigns are not the same as traditional email campaigns. Often, the difference between email and drip campaigns sometimes gets lost. So, lets review first. A Review: Email Marketing vs. Drip Marketing Very simply, email marketing campaigns get delivered on specific dates at specific times. For instance, you set delivery to run the first of the month at 8 a.m. or on a major holiday. Drip campaigns match the consumers journey along the sales funnel. They are not based on a set time but on a behavioral trigger or the stage of a customer journey. Using Marketing Automation With

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