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Month: February 2018

Value of Warming up Your IP to Become the Star of the Internet Party

By TouchConvert
February 27, 2018 Category: General

Think of warming up your IP address as introducing yourself at a party. Standing in a prominent area of the room and announcing all your great qualities comes across as odd, if not creepy. Typically, you move slowly around the room chatting with individuals and small groups of people. The host may even introduce you to a few key party goers. Your IP address is your calling card on the internets party. Sending emails helps internet service providers (ISPs) get to know you. They observe your habits and watch how recipients engage with your email content. This forms an impression of you. Establishing a positive reputation as an email sender benefits you. Reversing a bad rep requires even more work. Warming up your IP address is the first step in building a good reputation as an email sender. Gradually increasing the volume of emails sent allows ISPs to recognize you as a legitimate email sender. Emailing on a predetermined schedule helps as well. Combining these tactics with sending best

Keep Your Buyer in Mind to Boost Drip Campaigns

By Olivia Justice
February 20, 2018 Category: Drip Campaigns, Email Marketing

Drip campaigns set your audience up on a pre-determined journey (set by you!) They are a great way to deliver emails to your customers at the right time and at the right place. Beginning with the date a buyer signs up - you can add them to the drip campaign and set them up on their journey. Your pre-setmessages go out according to the frequency you set along your sales funnel. These campaigns automatically hit subscriber milestones relieving you of the burden. (For more information on drip campaigns click here.) However, crafting the emails delivered by drip campaigns can produce writers block. The fact that these messages are pre-determined to a wide audience can leave you stuck on what to say.To help focus your message, keep your buyer personas in mind. Buyer Personas Focus Your Message Writing to a broad audience leads to confusion, which is why targeted messaging is so important to your drip campaign. By addressing the personalities and questions of the masses your email will seem

Increase Customer Retention with a CRM

By TouchConvert
February 13, 2018 Category: CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention

All the hype about lead generation and conversion leads business owners to think the hook is all they need. After all, once you snag the big fish, he is yours. Right? Unfortunately, this faulty thinking causes many businesses to lose customers. Customer retention strategies prove equally, if not more, important than baiting new customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a system for managing current customer interactions and maximizing those relationships. Why Customer Retention Matters: Establishing trust and confidence with consumers brings them back. Building this relationship matters to your business because this source of revenue is the easiest and most stable. Customer retention: 1. Saves Money Yes, customer loyalty reduces your expenses. According to a Bain Company report, hooking new customers proves six to seven times more expensive than retaining existing customers. Plus, less time is spent identifying and convincing prospects that your product best suits

Marketing Automation: Get the Secret Weapon to Make You a Superhero To Your Boss

By TouchConvert
February 06, 2018 Category: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Getting ahead in the marketing world is tough. Great ideas surround you, leaving you with I wish I thought of that! syndrome. Finding ways to stand out requires creativity and innovation. But, what can be done that has not already been done? Are you doomed to mediocrity? What if we told you that you have an unused secret weapon in your arsenal one sure to impress your boss? Marketing automation holds the power to make you a superhero. But, Spidermans spidey senses, Supermans cape and the Batmobile offer no help if left behind. Marketing automation gives you the tools needed to rescue email marketing campaigns, if you use them. Automation gets the results which impress your boss lead generation, conversions, successful campaigns the first step in noticed. How does automation make you stand out as the superhero? Check out the facts. Marketing automation increases leads and conversions, according to three out of four of the businesses using it. Triggered emails get opened at a rate

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