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5 Ways CRM Can Benefit Your Business

By TouchConvert
May 22, 2018 Category: CRM

Are you currently using customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep track of your clients and sales? Were not talking about an Excel sheet were talking intuitive software that helps you manage business relationships, making sure you never miss out on serving your clients. CRMs make your life easier. Want to learn more about how CRMs save you time and help you make more money? Keep reading and see just five of the benefits CRM can provide your business. 1. Narrow Down Prospects CRMs are essential for qualifying prospective leads. They can save you time during outreach by automating email responses, tracking how leads respond to your advertising and informing you who is acting and when. Instead of following up with each individual prospect, a CRM can tell you which leads are responding to your outgoing marketing, and who is showing the most interest. Notice when promising leads enter their decision-making process. Focus your efforts and make your moves at the best time. Reduce

6 Keys to Tackling CRM Adoption Issues Head On

By TouchConvert
April 16, 2018 Category: CRM, Customer Relationship Management

Getting started, and succeeding, with your customer relationship management (CRM) adoption isnt going to be as tough as you might think. A CRM platform, like TouchConvert,is a tool and, like any good tool, it takes time to get used to using it. Getting your marketing and sales teams to commit to implementing a new CRMinto their daily routines is imperative. Once you get your team rolled on, youre able to reap all of the benefts a CRM has to offer. Lets look at some of the things that you can do to help get your team on the right track and begin utilizing your CRMto its fullest. 1. Set an Implementation Date Setting your implementation date and notifying your teams of this date sets your organization on the right track to success. This keeps transparency between all team members, and ensures youre not tracking leads in two different places. 2. Organize Your Plan Once youve set and announced your implementation date, consider adding it to your policy and procedures. Putting it in writing

Inbound Marketing Requires a Human Touch

By TouchConvert
April 09, 2018 Category: Inbound Marketing

Your website launched. Now what? The jam in your sales funnel did not clear. Prospects are not coming in. Conversions are not happening. You have heard of inbound marketing. After all, competing marketers have done well to raise this term to buzzword status. But, is it still a thing? Did it ever work? Let us help you find the answers. The Theory of Inbound Marketing Inbound marketing attracts prospects to your website through informative, useful, relevant content in the form of blog posts and SEO content. In other words, give consumers what they want, and they will come. Then, this strategy captures contact information with click-bait and converts prospects to clients via marketing automation. A potential sales funnel could be labelled Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. Inbound marketing says that valuable content targeted at each stage of the funnel along the buyer journey wins the day. Consumers are compelled to click. Simply create the content, automate the process and expect

3 Tips to Increase Your Email Campaign Effectiveness

By TouchConvert
April 05, 2018 Category: Email Campaigns

Want to be effective in growing your client base? You may have heard that building your email list is everything. Granted, list building is a guaranteed captive audience but in order to grow your overall reach, you need to do a little more work. Random email campaigns are not enough. When you have a general list, youre not able to segment your message for that group. And more times than not, theres a missing link commonly referred to as the Call To Action (CTA). Heres how to partner your email campaigns with various CTAs! Pair Your Email Campaign with Blogs Posts Every time a visitor lands on your website, your SEO (search engine optimization) improves. Schedule regular emails that send your readers to various sections of your blog. With every click onto your website, Google Analytics is taking note of your website traffic and bumping you up higher on their search engine. That means new visitors are able to find your website easier than when they are looking for the product or service

Boosting Your Customer Journey with Marketing Automation

By TouchConvert
March 05, 2018 Category: Marketing Automation, Drip Campaigns

Drip marketing campaigns reach customers through personalized emails along the customer journey. These targeted emails increase engagement with your brand and help build a strong relationship with customers. However, tracking the customer journey and sending customized welcome, reminder and re-engagement emails takes time. Marketing automation reduces the time drain and removes the pain from the process. These campaigns are not the same as traditional email campaigns. Often, the difference between email and drip campaigns sometimes gets lost. So, lets review first. A Review: Email Marketing vs. Drip Marketing Very simply, email marketing campaigns get delivered on specific dates at specific times. For instance, you set delivery to run the first of the month at 8 a.m. or on a major holiday. Drip campaigns match the consumers journey along the sales funnel. They are not based on a set time but on a behavioral trigger or the stage of a customer journey. Using Marketing Automation With

Value of Warming up Your IP to Become the Star of the Internet Party

By TouchConvert
February 27, 2018 Category: General

Think of warming up your IP address as introducing yourself at a party. Standing in a prominent area of the room and announcing all your great qualities comes across as odd, if not creepy. Typically, you move slowly around the room chatting with individuals and small groups of people. The host may even introduce you to a few key party goers. Your IP address is your calling card on the internets party. Sending emails helps internet service providers (ISPs) get to know you. They observe your habits and watch how recipients engage with your email content. This forms an impression of you. Establishing a positive reputation as an email sender benefits you. Reversing a bad rep requires even more work. Warming up your IP address is the first step in building a good reputation as an email sender. Gradually increasing the volume of emails sent allows ISPs to recognize you as a legitimate email sender. Emailing on a predetermined schedule helps as well. Combining these tactics with sending best

Keep Your Buyer in Mind to Boost Drip Campaigns

By Olivia Justice
February 20, 2018 Category: Drip Campaigns, Email Marketing

Drip campaigns set your audience up on a pre-determined journey (set by you!) They are a great way to deliver emails to your customers at the right time and at the right place. Beginning with the date a buyer signs up - you can add them to the drip campaign and set them up on their journey. Your pre-setmessages go out according to the frequency you set along your sales funnel. These campaigns automatically hit subscriber milestones relieving you of the burden. (For more information on drip campaigns click here.) However, crafting the emails delivered by drip campaigns can produce writers block. The fact that these messages are pre-determined to a wide audience can leave you stuck on what to say.To help focus your message, keep your buyer personas in mind. Buyer Personas Focus Your Message Writing to a broad audience leads to confusion, which is why targeted messaging is so important to your drip campaign. By addressing the personalities and questions of the masses your email will seem

Increase Customer Retention with a CRM

By TouchConvert
February 13, 2018 Category: CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention

All the hype about lead generation and conversion leads business owners to think the hook is all they need. After all, once you snag the big fish, he is yours. Right? Unfortunately, this faulty thinking causes many businesses to lose customers. Customer retention strategies prove equally, if not more, important than baiting new customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a system for managing current customer interactions and maximizing those relationships. Why Customer Retention Matters: Establishing trust and confidence with consumers brings them back. Building this relationship matters to your business because this source of revenue is the easiest and most stable. Customer retention: 1. Saves Money Yes, customer loyalty reduces your expenses. According to a Bain Company report, hooking new customers proves six to seven times more expensive than retaining existing customers. Plus, less time is spent identifying and convincing prospects that your product best suits

Marketing Automation: Get the Secret Weapon to Make You a Superhero To Your Boss

By TouchConvert
February 06, 2018 Category: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Getting ahead in the marketing world is tough. Great ideas surround you, leaving you with I wish I thought of that! syndrome. Finding ways to stand out requires creativity and innovation. But, what can be done that has not already been done? Are you doomed to mediocrity? What if we told you that you have an unused secret weapon in your arsenal one sure to impress your boss? Marketing automation holds the power to make you a superhero. But, Spidermans spidey senses, Supermans cape and the Batmobile offer no help if left behind. Marketing automation gives you the tools needed to rescue email marketing campaigns, if you use them. Automation gets the results which impress your boss lead generation, conversions, successful campaigns the first step in noticed. How does automation make you stand out as the superhero? Check out the facts. Marketing automation increases leads and conversions, according to three out of four of the businesses using it. Triggered emails get opened at a rate

Create Buyer Personas to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

By TouchConvert
January 30, 2018 Category: Buyer Personas, Marketing

Let us give it to you straight: Buyer personas bring success to your marketing campaign. How so? This snapshot of your customers enables you to send targeted communications and, get reads on email campaign, generate leads from social media campaigns and increase conversions. The consumer world is changing. Gone are the days when customers wanted to know about you. Todays consumers want to know what you can do for them. Understanding your customer base before creating your marketing materials allows you to adapt to this change. Check out these three ways buyer personas relate to your marketing campaign: Buyer Personas Focus Your Marketing Strategies A sea of consumers exists on the other side of the computer screen. Trying to sell your product to all of them spreads your efforts thin and fails to get results. There are simply too many needs and problems for a one-size-fits all solution. Buyer personas, based on the data provided by your current customers, narrow the target. Looking

Email Marketing Automation Makes You an HR Superstar

By TouchConvert
January 23, 2018 Category: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

How does email marketing automation rock your companys communications and make you the superstar? The oft-quoted statistic that email marketing boasts a 3,800 percent return on investment (ROI) proves impressive. But, in human resources (HR) circles, ROI is more ambiguous. Lets look at this another way: Eighty-six percent of business professionals prefer email when communicating about business. Seventy-three percent of millennials agree. Automated emails optimize productivity, according to 43 percent of companies using this platform. And, 58 percent of email automation users name more timely communications as a benefit. Email marketing automation offers significant ROI, even before getting to the bottom line. Bringing this platform to your company raises your star status. Check out the following benefits of automating your email processes. It Gets Personal Human beings like to be noticed. Open rates for personalized emails rise six percent above generic sends. And, communications with

How to Increase Sales Through Your Website

By TouchConvert
January 16, 2018 Category: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Once your business website has been launched, youre ready for your success to start rolling in. But after a few months, it becomes apparent that your job isnt over. Just because youve built a website doesnt mean the customers are going to be lining up at your door. A great place to start increasing sales through your website is by setting up a marketing campaign. Through email marketing, social media campaigns, and other avenues youll be able to target your audience and drive traffic to your website. But where do you start? Lets take a look: Use email marketing effectively A key part of your marketing strategy should include email marketing. Email marketing is a great tool to reach out to current and potential customers. (Not to mention the ROI: For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI) It keeps the lines of communication open and keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds. Make sure to personalize your messages in order to gain peoples attention. You dont want

Email Marketing: The Basics

By TouchConvert
December 26, 2017 Category: Email Marketing

Its no secret that email campaigns are a great way to convert readers into customers. Just think of the possibilities! You can deliver important messages, details about new products and industry solutions right to your target audiences inbox. But creating email content is just half of the battle. The important part is coming up with your email marketing strategy. After all, you dont want to waste good content by setting it up to disappear in your readers spam boxes. To get the most out of your campaign, here are some email marketing basics you should implement before hitting send: 1. Segment Your Email List Lists are a great way to organize your email campaigns, but many companies make the mistake of focusing on only email content rather than their audience when segmenting their lists. As most marketing gurus know, its not just about the message but more importantly, your audience. While the content may be similar, you will have to make adjustments based on who is reading the email

Why You Need a Monthly Newsletter

By TouchConvert
December 19, 2017 Category: Email Marketing, Newsletter

Email marketing is a valuable tool for any marketing campaign. In fact, for the last ten years in a row email marketing has generated the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. With email marketing, you can keep in contact with current customers and build your reputation with potential customers. But with 69% of users unsubscribing because theyve received too many emails and 32% of users unsubscribing due to un-targeted messaging, it can be hard to know how many emails is the right amount. When marketers were asked how often they should send emails, 35% said two to three emails per month (Direct Marketing Associations National Client Email report), whereas, customers say they would prefer a promotional email at least once per month (Marketing Sherpa). Really take the time to consider your industry and your target audience. The number of emails you send just depends on your market. If were following along with Marketing Sherpas survey, we

Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation

By TouchConvert
December 12, 2017 Category: Lead Generation

If your business has a website, then you could be sitting on a lead generation gold mine. Using your web content, you can generate awareness for your product or services while persuading interested readers to share their contact information with you. Yes, that may sound a bit unbelievable, but it can happen. All it takes is a little tweaking to optimize your website content for lead generation. Long gone are the days of bragging about what your capabilities are, now visitors seek your solutions, success stories, and really tapping into their needs. An emotional component is necessary for users to feel compelled to share their personal information with you. Once your visitors feel compelled to share their contact information with you they can drop directly into your CRM, making it easy for you to follow up and convert your readers into actual customers. But how to do you get to that point? Here are a few tips on how to optimize your website for lead generation: 1. Focus on Content

Don't Forget to Follow Up With Sales Leads

By TouchConvert
November 21, 2017 Category: CRM

Getting leads is an exciting part of the sales process. Youve networked, found some interested parties and now have a potential new client. Whats not to like? Dont start counting your commission just yet - the art of sales is in the follow-up. If youre in sales, its possible you have a stack of business cards on your desk gathering dust left wondering what am I to do with all of these potential sales leads?With a solid CRM in place, youll be able to easily follow up with leads while theyre still hot, and start to see an increase in your conversion rate. Once your lead is obtained, knowing the next steps are crucial in the sales process. Very few sales are made within the first contact, so it pays to have a follow-up plan in place. Not sure where to start? An example of a sales follow up schedule could be: Day One: You obtain a lead through a cold call/ lead generation/ inquiry / free trial. Immediately After Your First Contact: Send email or text thanking the customer for their time

How to Run a Great Social Media Campaign this Holiday Season

By TouchConvert
November 09, 2017 Category: Social Media

The holiday season is a wonderful time. But for marketers and those trying to run businesses, it can also be an insane time. Sales rocket (hopefully), and more users than ever are at your fingertips. Its important to capitalize on the holiday season, and one of the best ways to do that is through a strong social media campaign. Here are a few tips to make sure that your social media campaign is successful and exciting! Prepare As anyone in customer service or retail can tell you, preparation is key to success during the holiday season. Whether youre in a B2C company or a B2B, marketing your product requires preparation ahead of time. Here are the two main things you need to take into consideration when preparing for a holiday social media campaign: 1. For the Holiday Rush: When you start up a social media campaign during the holidays, be ready for an influx of orders, questions and comments. One way to cut down on the number of messages and emails you get is to constantly link to

Don't Wait Until Last Minute - 4 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

By TouchConvert
November 02, 2017 Category: Email Marketing

Autumn is winding down, which means, its the perfect time to start thinking about your holiday email marketing campaign. Even if it seems too early, trust us - it never is. Unlike gift shopping, holiday email campaigns shouldnt wait until the last minute. If you rush to put something together, itll show. And you may risk overlooking some subscribers or elements that could impact your results. If youre experiencing holiday writers block, dont worry - here are some holiday email marketing tips to inspire you. 1. Use What Works It may be tempting to write off your marketing campaigns from yesteryear, but dont be so quick to discard them. The strategies that worked before could easily work again. And as an established company, you have an advantage over newer businesses - data. You have ideal marketing information at your disposal. Go back and look at your very own campaigns and evaluate the successful ones to duplicate the same results. Just be sure to make some tweaks so that the information

What is the Optimal Time to Send Email

By TouchConvert
October 24, 2017 Category: Email Marketing

Automating an email campaign saves time and ensures delivery even if you are away from your computer. But what is the optimal time to send an email? Unfortunately, there is no magic hour that entices recipients to read incoming mail. While programs exist to automate this decision, you should know the factors used to calculate the best send time. Reader engagement, email volume filling recipient inboxes and consumer behavior impact send times. Day of the week and time of day raise issues as well. In short, the best time to send an email just depends. When choosing a time to launch your campaign, use concepts familiar to marketers. You must: Know your audience Know your purpose Know your timeline Know Your Audience Every demographic, age cohort and interest area has its idiosyncrasies. Segmenting your email list and running a few test emails allows you to see what gets the best results. This research in knowing your audience offers vital information unique to your consumers. Also,

My Website is Generating Leads. Now What?

By TouchConvert
October 10, 2017 Category: General

Your website is up and running. Your web presence is established. What now? The questions which arise after building your website, direct you to the next steps. What do I do with all of the incoming leads from my new website? When you build your website, you create a web presence. When built correctly, it becomes a form of lead generation. The next step becomes handling the leads. You could do this on your own, but as your lead volume grows, it can become overwhelming. Customer relationship management (CRM) added directly to the back-end of your forms make it easy to follow up with leads and make the sale. As someone fills out a form on your website, they automatically are added in as a lead in the CRM portion of TouchConvert. Strategically automating processes frees time for you to invest in personal lead generation and client nurturing as needed. Are there ways to better understand my leads and customers? The pre-work of lead generation requires marketing know-how, which begins

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