3 Tips to Increase Your Email Campaign Effectiveness

Increase the Effectiveness of your campaign | TouchConvert

Want to be effective in growing your client base? You may have heard that building your email list is everything. Granted, list building is a guaranteed captive audience but in order to grow your overall reach, you need to do a little more work. Random email campaigns are not enough. When you have a general list, you're not able to segment your message for that group. And more times than not, there’s a missing link commonly referred to as the Call To Action (CTA).

Here’s how to partner your email campaigns with various CTA’s!

Pair Your Email Campaign with Blogs Posts

Every time a visitor lands on your website, your SEO (search engine optimization) improves. Schedule regular emails that send your readers to various sections of your blog. With every click onto your website, Google Analytics is taking note of your website traffic and bumping you up higher on their search engine. That means new visitors are able to find your website easier than when they are looking for the product or service you provide.

TouchConvert Tip: Don't give it all away in your email

A lot of times you're tempted to create a beautiful, brand centric newsletter that gives all of the information up front. If you give it all away in your email campaign, you're unable to track who was interested in the topic you're blogging about. Keep your messages short, personable, and give them a clear CTA. Including a link to your blog in your email campaign allows you to track WHO CLICKED and is interested in that specific information.

Pair Your Email Campaign with Social Media

An email campaign is an excellent opportunity to point your customers to your social media platforms. Simply add your social profiles into the body of your email and encourage subscribers to engage your online community. You can use incentives and promotions like giveaways or coupons to encourage your clients to follow you on your social platforms. If you invite them to join you on social media, be sure to make sure your online platforms are active and engaging your audience.

Pair Your Email with Pay Per Click

You can send an email to your subscribers that has a tracking code embedded (what we call a visitor tracking code). When a user clicks through to a link on your website, the tracking code uses that information to target that individual with your ads on their social platforms. With pay per click you can use a retargeting campaign that only charges for those who click through. No more wasted ads placed in front of an audience that isn’t interested.

Email campaigns are an excellent part of your marketing strategy. With a little extra help from social media, retargeting ads and pay per clicks, you should be able to notice a marked difference in your business. The online world has opened up so many opportunities to reach clients you have would otherwise never reached. Let us help us take your email campaigns to the next level with our email campaign tool in TouchConvert!

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